In The Line of USG

  • Patient family: Ma'am - are you still a student?
  • K: Yes, I am.
  • PF: How long does it take in med school?
  • K: I have about one year left.
  • PF: I see. And you're an older child?
  • K: Yes.
  • (Conversation about the more personal detail)
  • PF: Oh, I hear the nurses call out 'clerks' every now and then. Are they calling practicing med students like you?
  • K: For sure, really - that's us. Nursing students are just 'students' to them.
  • PF: I see now.
  • K: *grin*
  • PF: What a noble job you are doing. Taking care of even such a patient that has gone awful one day after another...
  • (Outside, K is smiling. But inside, she just wants to tuck in and weep in silence under her pillow.)

Late Lunch

  • K: So, now it's your turn. You said you've got stuff to tell me.
  • B: Indeed. Actually it's about this guy Y.
  • K: Uh-huh.
  • B: He's just like you - pursuing the same field.
  • K: *turning away* So what?
  • B: Saw him earlier this week as I waited for the PI in his office.
  • K: Does that have anything to do with me?
  • B: It does. He was casually talking with the PI... about joining in and all that stuff... until I heard the PI mention 'someone from the class of 2010' to him.
  • K: Huh?
  • B: Then when Y asked who, he came up with your name. First and last name.
  • K: Oh.
  • B: (smitten) That's the coolest thing to ever happen to me, if I were you.
  • K: Honestly, I'd actually rather not hear anything about that Y dude for now. He doesn't know me anyway.
  • B: Really?
  • K: He freaking doesn't. But, for now, guess what was the best part in the news you just told me.
  • B: What was it?
  • K: The best part was that my middle name was not mentioned.
“All bleeding eventually stops.”


Published preliminary yang kebetulan juga publikasi perdana!

Alhamdulillah, I’m so happy. Kayanya bakal jadi sah beneran nyangkut di side B nih~

Congraaats kakma! <3


Just going to put this here. The important phrase in this summary being “when funding… dried up” — if you don’t invest in science, you won’t have scientists. And something has absolutely got to change. 

You’re entitled to your opinion
But I must ask you why
If all you say is hurtful
I would take to heart your written sigh?
It was heavy on the intent
But light in its effect
And when I’m the subject
Here’s the reaction you can expect

(Thank you, Maria Mena.)

Needless to write the song’s title, and somehow I feel like expressing myself with this song because my previously positive attitude (and overall good mood) has been officially ruined. Too much drama going on - but I hope it would never have to involve me.