“I don’t fall in love with faces, I fall in love with personalities.”
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Just about sums up how I felt today.

AIEEEEEEEE *flings tips instead of shuriken*

In The Line of USG

  • Patient family: Ma'am - are you still a student?
  • K: Yes, I am.
  • PF: How long does it take in med school?
  • K: I have about one year left.
  • PF: I see. And you're an older child?
  • K: Yes.
  • (Conversation about the more personal detail)
  • PF: Oh, I hear the nurses call out 'clerks' every now and then. Are they calling practicing med students like you?
  • K: For sure, really - that's us. Nursing students are just 'students' to them.
  • PF: I see now.
  • K: *grin*
  • PF: What a noble job you are doing. Taking care of even such a patient that has gone awful one day after another...
  • (Outside, K is smiling. But inside, she just wants to tuck in and weep in silence under her pillow.)

Late Lunch

  • K: So, now it's your turn. You said you've got stuff to tell me.
  • B: Indeed. Actually it's about this guy Y.
  • K: Uh-huh.
  • B: He's just like you - pursuing the same field.
  • K: *turning away* So what?
  • B: Saw him earlier this week as I waited for the PI in his office.
  • K: Does that have anything to do with me?
  • B: It does. He was casually talking with the PI... about joining in and all that stuff... until I heard the PI mention 'someone from the class of 2010' to him.
  • K: Huh?
  • B: Then when Y asked who, he came up with your name. First and last name.
  • K: Oh.
  • B: (smitten) That's the coolest thing to ever happen to me, if I were you.
  • K: Honestly, I'd actually rather not hear anything about that Y dude for now. He doesn't know me anyway.
  • B: Really?
  • K: He freaking doesn't. But, for now, guess what was the best part in the news you just told me.
  • B: What was it?
  • K: The best part was that my middle name was not mentioned.